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Project Probability & Statistics with Matlab


I shared my Term project in ITU which lecture name is Probability & Statistics (MAT271E) – Istanbul Technical University Prof. Dr. Serhat Şeker.

1. Produce 100.000 random numbers (x) with standard normal distribution and then plot its a small part ( Like 100 as a raw data and its histogram )
2. Calculate the statistical parameter of x
a. Mean(x)
b. Std(x)
c. Skewness(x)
d. Kurtosis(x)
3. Using the data x, create a new data Y with unit mean value and 3 standard deviation, Plot its histogram
4. Calculate the correlation coefficient between x & Y interpret the result
5. If you want to change the skewness & the kurtosis, what will you do ? Give your recommendation.


İndir (PDF, 60KB)

İndir (PDF, 370KB)